Oil Purifier & Treatment systems

AA GROUP is the authorized distributor of the largest marine machinery manufacturer IL SEUNG CO., LTD., AA GROUP is dedicated to providing customized marine machinery for all global oil & gas industry clients.
IL SEUNG CO., LTD has been the leading marine machinery manufacturer since 1988. IL SEUNG has always been the most trustful and advanced company by continuously developing and researching newer and better technology. IL SEUNG will never stop developing and improving its own technology and promise to satisfy all customers. World’s leading marine sewage treatment plant manufacturer IL-SEUNG’s new development “Activated Carbon Biofilter series (ISS-N)” is the best solution for black and grey water for all kinds of vessels. This innovative “Activated Carbon Biofilter” technology and IL-SEUNG’s original “FIXED-MEDIA” technology fulfill all current and future standards.


Sewage treatment plant


IL-SEUNG’s new type sewage treatment plant ISB series has developed through our own built up technology by using “MBBR” (Moving Bed Bio Film Reactor) based on the IMO MEPC. 227(64) Regulation for the optimal performance. ISB series is certified with IMO MEPC. 227(64) certificate which is in effect from 2016/01/01 and compact size, optimized performance as following the IMO.




1.Capacity Max. 65m³/day
2.The most optimized size of biological type
3.Concurrent processing for black + Grey water
4.Suitable for all kinds of vessel
5.Simple maintenance
6.Easy operation and all automatic cleaning
7.Expanded surface to live microorganisms
8.Microorganisms, increased rapidly



Oil Purifier

The traditional filter type oil purifier is uneconomical. Because the filter has to be replaced with new one when it is clogged by any external substances such as sludge, etc.

The reason of this replacement is because the damaged filter can not remove carbon and water. But ISP-type purifier promotes the efficiency of engine by using two separated filters to remove sludge(1st filter) and water(2nd filter). Two filters can be segregated from each case to control the contamination of 2nd filter. Also, the filters are reusable by cleaning them and semi-permanent.

In addition, the auto drain system gives more convenient than the past manual operation of draining tank












Fresh Water Generator

ISF-type Fresh Water Generator is designed to produce fresh water from sea water. This fresh water generator uses the engine coolant as heat source and produces fresh water by evaporating and condensing sea water.

To evaporate sea water, it only uses the heat from coolant so, while a vessel is sailing, it uses main engine, and while a vessel is in port it uses auxiliary engine to produce fresh water.

After all, ISF-Type fresh water generator can produce fresh water economically without any additional heat source(The coolant pass thorough the heat exchanger to transmit heat for evaporating sea water.

At last, this heat goes back in to the engine). While the generator is running, the inner parts will be vacuum, so the boiling point of sea water will be dropped. The vapor become water drops by refrigeration from the cold sea water.

When the water drops are collected in waterspout under the condenser, they are sent to the fresh water tank. If the salinity of the produced water exceed the limitation, solenoid valve will operate to prevent the inflow of the water with high salinity.

In conclusion, the produced waters solidity(salinity) is less than 10ppm, which is very pure, and also the produced water is soft water which can be used in many purposes.


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