Motors are the power transmission workhorse of industry, converting electrical energy into mechanical movement. Selecting an AC motor or DC motor for an application depends on considerations such as power, speed control, cost and ease of maintenance




Large power, low energy consumption

AA GROUP supplies a wide range of electric motors, which meet all common global efficiency regulations and standards. Our motors are used in many applications because they are not just powerful and high quality, but can also be combined with the full NORD gearbox portfolio.







Whether in agitators, conveyor systems, intralogistics or the food industry: NORD electric motors can be found wherever high performance is required. They operate reliably over many years with very high efficiency (up to 95%). This saves operating costs for our customers and at the same time helps protect the environment.











Reasons to buy NORD electric motors:

Maximum efficiency

Our electric motors meet the requirements of the current IEC standard 60034-30-1:2014 as well as EUP 640/2009 – even the energy saving synchronous motors have the highest efficiency class IE4.  Ultimate quality

We supply all motors according to stringent standards.

High availability

High flexibility

Thanks to identical motor dimensions you can change from one efficiency class to the next without having to make mechanical modifications







Low voltage motor


Unbeatable in Cost-effectiveness

Our low voltage motor products cover a performance range from 0.09 to 4000 kW. Advantages of our AC motor systems are many: they are highly efficient with a positive energy balance; they come with explosion protection to meet high safety standards; . The many standard features that come with every Our low voltage motor ensure the highest possible cost-effective operation.








Motion Control Motors


The optimal solution for every application

Our customers give us many reasons why our motors are right for them. They include the highly dynamic positioning and precise motion sequences of our permanent-magnet servo motors. Our servo motors, main motors and direct drives stand for excellent dynamics and precision. Every motor for motion control is characterized by compact design and high operating efficiency. With a wide range of performance  classes and installation sizes, our product range has the right motor for your motion control application, too








High voltage motors


Extreme Reliability and Long Life

Our high voltage motors are available in virtually any imaginable configuration and offer power ranges up 100 MW and higher. When you select your high voltage motor from our HV motor lineup, you gain considerable flexibility. This includes several cooling systems and degrees of protection as well as suitability for use in aggressive atmospheres and in potentially hazardous areas.

Our company have been supplied numerous number of Z value motors –Z value is additional feature required for oil & gas sector like explosion proof option, motor media – temperature.


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