Hydrostatic Hydro Testing



Hydrostatic (Hydro) Testing is a process where components such as piping systems, gas cylinders, boilers, and pressure vessels are tested for strength and leaks. Hydro tests are often required after shutdowns and repairs in order to validate that equipment will operate under desired conditions once returned to service.

AA GROUP is the authorized distributor of the largest Hydro test Equipments and benches manufacturer (VENTIL), AA GROUP is dedicated to providing customized Hydro test Equipments for all global oil & gas industry clients.



HC horizontal unit


The HC horizontal unit is fitted with a clamping system that is used to quickly position and clamp all typical shut-off valves in the horizontal position. It is equipped with a VCB that is made for applications that are concerned with valve repair shops or smaller series testing. Moreover, this unit is supplied with sealing adapters used with DIN/ANSI RF flanges, and with inner seal adapters for socket welded valve ends.





OPTIC open face


The Ventil OPTIC open face, flat lapping and polishing machine is the complete solution for high precision finishing of safety valve seats, nozzles and mechanical seals. The OPTIC can be used to reach a flatness accuracy within 3 light bands ensuring the best seat tightness of all metal sealing faces. The OPTIC machines are equipped with simple to operate; activation timer and an automatic liquid diamond and lubricate steering and dispensing system. The fine finish lapping machine is available in different sizes with a single or set of 3 conditioning rings. The inner diameter of the conditioning rings determines the range of use.










The Ventil VC40-SRV-FLII is the complete solution for quick, easy and accurate pressure setting and ‘high volume testing’ of Pressure Safety Valves in gas and liquid service. The design and configuration is based on many years of experience in safety valve testing and repair.

The VC40-SRV-FLII is standard completed with a fully integrated, Windows operated Computer Registration System. The unique test software gives digital reading, verification against test standards, storing and printing of a customized test certificate.










VenTrack System


The VenTrack System by Ventil is specifically designed to provide an excellent performance and a high quality functionality. The control valve is dubbed as the final control element in the process loop. The plant efficiency may have affected the performance of the control valves in terms of production output and its reliability and availability due to the fact that recent studies have shown that 50-60% air operated control valves also contains problems just like the other competing valves.









The high quality VenTrack System allows the user to examine all the valve controls resulting to a solution for the valves to function well. It is also an ideal use to identify the valve problems immediately.












VC25SP-T4 series


The VC25SP-T4 series, manufactured by Mobile test bench for safety valve®, is utilized as a mobile test bench for safety valve also for small and conveyable workshops, trucks and containers. It is constructed in solid 1/2 – 10″ that comes with a 25 tons of a clamping system 3-claws for a clamping that is rapid with a flanges and thread connections. Also, it has a gas system of 0-200 bar / 2,900 PSI that is completed using a different variety of systems that is optional.








Furthermore, it features a clamping system that has an automated claw with a tested gas in a bubble counter and an outlet adapter for detecting and measuring leaks in accordance with the API527. In addition, it has a control panel that is designed in stainless steel material along with a safety screen and a interlock system to avoid the claw from releasing when pressurized.



















A well-established German manufacturer of flame arresters and tank relief valves approached us with the request to design and build a test unit for testing their pilot operated valves in Cryogenic conditions.

The reason for the test is recently introduced ISO 21013-4. This standard specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture and testing of pilot operated pressure relief valves for cryogenic service (-150 to ‑196 °C / -238 to -321 °F), i.e. for operation with cryogenic fluids in addition to operation at temperatures from ambient to cryogenic.






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