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AA GROUP is the authorized distributor of the largest industrial Filtration and Magnetic Separation Technology products ZGF,All products are designed with the focus on technical and customer driven principles to help ensure your success. Our mission is to provide solutions for increasing quality and saving costs while improving profitability with our liquid cleaning systems. Our products take your contaminated non-ferrous and ferrous liquids and process it into a clean “solution”:
Zero Gravity Filters has a product to handle the challenge.

ZGF products are designed to:
Be Undefeated in Head to Head Trials
Offer ingenious designs/products that deliver best in class results, low maintenance, 100% Cleaning with each Automatic Backwash/Purge
Offer IN-LINE installations for NO DOWN TIME- 24/7/365 capabilities
Provide efficient Modular designs that are interchangeable, expandable, ingeniously simple and handle low to “unlimited” flow rates
Build on our Aerospace precision parts design heritage
Exceed expectations, durability and provide a 5-year warranty
Be space efficient….up to 80% space savings (must see!)
Be Environmentally Friendly…AND save money at the same time
Again WELCOME to Zero Gravity Filters where we solve problems and improve operations (and profits).



Parts Washer


50µ Protection of High Pressure Pumps, and Nozzles.  Ensure Part Cleanliness











Degreasing Stage


Stage 1 and 2, Weld Ball Removal









Cleaning Section


Ensure Sheet Cleanliness












Product Line:

A-Pneumatic Phoenix


Flowrate: 135 – 950 liters/min

Holds 6 Filter Elements

Two Models Available

–Pneumatic: PLC controlled

–Electro-Pneumatic: built-in circuit board

Compact Size (<.06 m3)

All SS Construction (as standard)

Low Energy Consumption

Backwash Volume: 19 liters








B-System 2000


The System 2000, modular in design, fabricated from stainless steel and utilizing a state-of-the-art PLC control system, is an ideal filtration solution for many medium to high flow rate applications.

















C-System 2000 pod


The System 2000 is comprised of an unlimited number of pods. Each pod (see below) contains seven filter elements and each pod is connected between stainless steel inlet, outlet and backwash manifolds.























The Maggie is a high intensity magnetic separator with automatic purging capabilities. The Maggie is fitted in-line, using system pressure, requiring no additional pumps which results in a 1-5 micron capture rate.






















The Maggie is fitted in-line, using system pressure, requiring no additional pumps. The Maggie is ideal for use on grinders and cast iron machining. Our environmentally friendly DRY MAG cleans the backwash by creating a dry cake and returning your clean fluid back to the system.










Maggie Internal View


The magnets are sealed in a thin walled stainless steel tube. Purging ‘Maggie’
requires no mechanical moving parts.
























The Maggie Family

The Maggie Family Including Dry Mag. With Maggie added to Zero Gravity Filter’s line-up, we can meet both your ferrous and non-ferrous challenges. There is no longer any need to rely on old filtration technology.







The Maggie Design


The ZGF design results in 80% better capture efficiency compared to magnetic drum separators.











Maggie: In Situation


While in ‘separation mode’ the particles are held on the outside of the magnetic tube, below the separator plate. Particles are allowed to accumulate on the outside of the tube and tests have shown that the debris can increase to ½” thick. The Maggie magnets are 10X more powerful than ceramic.










Induction Hardening

Process Layout














Paint Pretreatment

Process Layout

Primary Goal:

Removal of weld balls and other contaminants to reduce defects per vehicle Maggie on Degreasing Stages Filter on Rinse Stages









Process Cooling

Process Layout

Primary Goal Of Cooling:
Extend Life of Finer Filtration, and Protect Sensitive Equipment Well and Surface Water Cooling Tower, Chilled & Condenser Water Marine and Desalination Fish Hatcheries.










Cooling Water


Full Flow Filtration of Cooling Tower, Protecting Condenser












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