AA GROUP is the authorized distributor of the largest reciprocating compressor manufacturer Hyundai Heavy industaries Co, Ltd. (HHI), AA GROUP is dedicated to providing customized compressor packages for all global oil & gas industry clients. With outstanding R&D capability, strict QC system, superior after-sales services and close cooperation with internationally renowned compressor manufacturers, AA GROUP has been widely recognized and rapidly grown into a famous and leading compressor packager.                                                                    


Compressor Type:

1-Gas Compressor


HHI TMC is manufacturing and selling Fuel Gas Compressors for combined cycle power plant and Gas Compressors for onshore and offshore Oil & Gas facility under the license with MCO. MCO(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation) has one hundred year history and world class company in Gas Compressor business sector. HHI TMC is being recognized for the technical excellence by various combined cycle power plants around the world which are using our fuel gas compressor.








Major features


Easy Maintenance
High Reliability
High Performance
Wide Operation Range









  •  Rotating Part












2-Dry Gas Seal


High Reliability
Safety Operation











3-MIGV (Movable Inlet Guide Vane)


Wide Operating Range
Excellent Part Load Performance







  • Gas Compressor type:

A-Integrally Geared
Centrifugal Compressor





B-Barrel Compressor (Vertical Split Type)














C-Fuel Gas Compressor











D-Fuel Gas Compressor












     2-Air Compressor


The Air Compressor of HHI TMC is a multi-stage centrifugal geared type compressor. It is designed and manufactured by HHI TMC’s own know-how and experience which has been accumulated through various turbomachinery business (Pump, Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, Turbo Charger). HTC series air compressor satisfies customer requirements with 140 derivative models derived from the four standard model.









Major features

Easy access to major parts and High maintainability
Highly efficient backward lean type Impeller
Low mechanical loss
Wide operation Range
Compact and Simple Design
User oriented Interface and operating method
Sound Enclosure optimized for noise reduction (Option)







  • Rotating Part


Designed per AGMA 6011 & HHI R&D Standard
Special Heat treatment for high strength
High precision gear for long life (AGMA 13)
Optimized for low transmission loss
Optimum tooth modification for low noise and vibration
Meets API code requirements (API617 and API672)









  • Sealing Part



Split type, e asy to disassemble and replace
Non-contacting labyrinth type, semi-permanent life







  • Structure Part –Gear Casing


Designed for minimal gear mesh misalignment Inherent dynamic stability for low noise and vibration meets API 672 Horizontal split type for easy access and maintenance of core parts One piece casting.












  • Structure Part – Lube Oil System


Common lube oil system for driver and compressor
Stand alone lube oil system
Common bed for mounting of auxiliary parts and various instruments
Fabricated one body structure.








  • Structure Part – Cooler


Intgrated design for intercooler and aftercooler : One piece casting
Optimized for heat transfer
Water in tube & Air in shell bundle
Inside: Heat resistant epoxy coating
Outside: Corrosion resistant coating.





Control Panel – HMI

High legibility secured
Realtime monitoring & record of compressor operation condition
Easy manipulation and monitering of flow condition
Continued operation even in extreme situation


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