Chlorination and dosing pumps


Applications for dosing, conveying, control and disinfection. Lutz-Jesco products can be used in all kinds of dosing and disinfection processes. Their main focus is in the treatment of drinking water, process water and industrial waste water.

AA GROUP is the authorized distributor of the largest industrial pumps, process equipment and system solutions manufacturer   Lutz-Jesco to a wide range of industrial sectors, such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, water treatment and oil/gas. With our technical knowledge and experience to select the correct equipment for your industrial process needs,







1- Dosing Pumps


Dosing, conveying, control and disinfection – Lutz-Jesco offers a complete range of products for the treatment and supply of drinking water, bathing water and process water. Continuous further developments and in-house production ensure high quality and the compliance of the products with the high international standards.

Dosing, conveying, control and disinfection are the areas of application of our products, which can be divided into the following product groups











· Accessories for Dosing Pumps


Lutz-Jesco offers a complete range of technically mature suction-side and pressure-side accessories for the dosing of fluids. This range is designed for Lutz-Jesco dosing pumps and allows the modular assembly of the components needed for a complete dosing system

A-On suction side

B-On suction and discharge side

C-On discharge side












·Large-scale chlorinators


Products for large dosing volumes, for example, in central drinking water treatment systems.

large-scale chlorinators are distinguished by their high quality and extremely reliable construction. The dosing units work at overpressure and low pressure, with extremely high precision, and embody.













·Small-size Chlorinators


Products for small dosing volumes, for example, for the disinfection of swimming pool water. small-scale chlorinators ensure maximum safety. They work with total vacuum, directly from the chlorine tank. Even if there is mechanical damage to the highly chemical-resistant plastic pipes and units, no chlorine gas can escape. The dosing units can be mounted on gas cylinders and have a residual pressure safety device for the compressed gas tank.

A pressure gauge for the cylinder pressure doubly secured by diaphragm seals is provided as standard.










3-Dry Feeder


Besides equipment for the precise dosing of liquid and gaseous media, Lutz-Jesco offers dry dosing units, along with the related accessories for building a complete dosing installation.

Dosing unitLutz-Jesco dry feeders work by volume, i.e. the weight of the dosing material is not considered. They are self-supporting, welded structures made with stainless steel sheet, and they are available with various delivery capacities.














Accessories for dry feeders


Fittings, bag emptying machines, dust collectors and nosepiece heaters are available, to build Lutz-Jesco dry feeders into a complete dosing installation.




















4-Measuring and Control Equipment for Metering


In many cases, dosing control measurements are required, for example water values, and uninterrupted transmission of the measurement values. The next requirement is for regulator functions, or controls for the dosing units. Lutz-Jesco has a wide range of equipment to meet these requirements:  fittings, sensors, measuring cells, signal amplifiers, signal generators, measuring devices and regulators.













5-Chemical Centrifugal Pumps

Lutz-Jesco centrifugal pumps are specially designed for aggressive media with high flow rates. The wide range of gaskets and materials, and the use of well-proven components, ensure that our products are cost-effective and of high quality.


A-Chemical centrifugal pumps with gaskets


We offer conventional chemical centrifugal pumps in three variants: block pumps, standard pumps and submerged vertical pumps. They are fitted with high-quality shaft seals.

·         Motor pump MB

·         Motor pump BN

·         Standard pump N

·       Vertical Immersion Pump VTP-BBF











B-  Centrifugal pumps with magnetic coupling


These centrifugal pumps with magnetic couplings are specially designed so that the mechanical parts of the pump are sealed off from the parts in contact with the medium. Leakages are therefore almost impossible.

·         Centrifugal pump AM

·         Centrifugal pump TMB

·         Centrifugal pump TMR G2

·         Centrifugal pump TMR G3











6-Disinfection systems


As water consumption for public, industrial and domestic applications increases, the need becomes more urgent for water treatment systems more oriented towards recycling. As the last stage in the treatment process, disinfection then becomes particularly important.

Here, a reliable dosing system is required if disinfectants are to be used responsibly in the water. For this purpose, the research and development at Lutz-Jesco has produced system solutions that have international validity.

For the disinfection of drinking water, swimming and wading pool water, process water, cooling water and waste water, different methods are used. These differ in their technical construction and in the type of chemicals used.

Our systems are designed to DIN standards and ensure optimum water quality through precisely measured disinfection. We apply our know-how and experience to find the best solution – technically and scientifically.








7-System and Process Technology


The complex systems and protracted processes in industry require a high level of precision when planning and implementing integrated dosing installations. As a manufacturer, Lutz-Jesco offers complete systems and/or a complete planning consultancy service for both standard applications and special requirements.














8- Flow-through Chlorine Electrolysis


Lutz-Jesco and Technopool – a long-standing partnership in the use of flow-through electrolysis for the extraction of chlorine from the salt dissolved in water as a disinfectant in swimming pools. They have combined the excellent properties of salt with the SALT WATER LIGHT process for the production of chlorine by salt electrolysis, which was awarded the German Federal environment prize in 2005. The electrolysis takes place within the swimming pool system itself and thus avoids the need for the storage and movement of chlorine-containing disinfectants.









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