Business Principles

Certain principles are so fundamental to our success that we would like to describe them in some details. If we can adhere to these principles – and they are not in order of importance – we will reach our goal of becoming the best turnkey solutions provider company in the world. We also hope they will give you a road-map on how and why we make our decisions.

Company Core Values

Customer Trust

Matching innovation to our customer needs, and providing the solutions that support our customers’ success will gain our aim of the Customer Trust.


At Site we are committed to provide high quality services that exceed customer expectation. Reliability means more to us than just providing dependable solutions and providing support, it also means continued improvement in procedures and solutions to be more cost effective and better focused on customer satisfaction.


Our highly talented employees must work together to achieve our business goals. Teamwork creates opportunity, allowing employees to learn from one another, from our partners, and from our customers. It’s teamwork that builds our competitive edge.

The Site Shape has created a truly unique culture. Everything we do comes back to our values. They’re real and important and they impact the entire group


Our customer demands and deserves unwavering quality in our solutions and services. We adhere to established quality standards – it’s our company-wide commitment to quality that sets us apart.


We are committed to total honesty in all of our business dealings. We deal openly, truthfully, and respectfully with all stakeholders and accept responsibility for our actions.